How to deal with hyperactive kid?

I really had a hard time dealing with my son. His name is James. He is my eldest. He is so restless.He does everything what he wants even if it would come to a point that he would destroy all his toys and even experiment on how his toy car works. I told him to behave and even scold him for what he did. He did listen and he behave for quite a while, the next thing I knew he was running again and playing and doing just anything which he thinks is so unusual. After long hours of talking about his behavior, running,pushing,shouting and all the spanking, I drained all my energy but still he does not even seem to understand. And so I decided to search the web on how to deal with a hyperactive kid. I found out that "some kids are temperamentally difficult while others are most likely to misbehave because our responses encourages it" says Lawrence Shapiro Ph.D. Toddlers have lots of energy because this is the period of their rapid growth and they seemed to be curious about just anything, on how the world works and they want to explore everything in their environment and how people respond tho them. They begin experimenting. They want to do the thing they want by themselves. At this age, they tend to be possessive of anything. And the last thing is their tantrums, one thing I learned, never give in to a tantrums. Established a serious limits and structures. When you tell yourself just this one time, it's already too late.

Here are some of the Instructions that I found out on how to deal with a hyperactive kid:

1. Toddlers are curious, energetic, and mobile. Their being active drains all your energy and to keep them more active
-Enroll your kids in a dance class, team sports or martial arts, these activities teaches self-esteem and discipline. This will help drain their energy.

2. getting busy -Kids starts to run around and sometimes shout without any reason.
-give your child a toy, a toy that will make his mind busy. My kid will just sit on one corner, getting busy on what he will do out of his blocks.

3. smart kid -Computers also make wonders, let your kid look at their favorite cartoon characters. Computers are very interesting for kids, they got to watch and play with their favorites and they also learn from it.

4. keep their minds busy -Books with lots of drawing, shape and color catches your kids attention. Make time to read them a story at least once a day and teach them the lessons that they should learn from the book. The everyday lessons that they are learning from the stories will help them know the right from the wrong.

5. behaving and learning -A good and interesting coloring book will also help. Choose a book that has their favorite characters, and tell them the color as they pick.


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