Are Teas Good For Slimming?

Women especially the younger ones are pretty much conscious about their physical appearance especially in terms of their body. They kept on trying to look good or be confident enough to carry themselves. By trying to do so, the use of beauty products, dietary food supplements and herbal teas comes in.

For their body to look good and in good shape, most women use natural supplements and herbs to loose weight naturally. This form of weight loss is considered safe and effective. But some people might wonder. What's in a tea?

Herbal Teas are known for their soothing and healing effects. They have been used for centuries to heal and provide health benefits by detoxifying the body, cleansing the colon and calming anxiety. They are considered to be one of the most satisfying and helpful types of herbal supplementation. As a matter of fact, teas, especially the green variety are good antioxidants of our body.

Green Teas works with your body in several ways in order to lose weight. It clears the digestive system, increases the metabolism and takes care of the extra calories that your body should not be handling. It also takes out the carbohydrates that you do not want pushing your system around.

It has been considered as a diet supplement. If one drinks tea often daily, without sugar or cream in it, and drinks it as an alternative to high calorie snack, this will lead to less calorie intake and therefore cause weight loss. This same effect could also be achieved by eating apples, or other fruits and raw vegetables for lunch and have a moderate dinner. To this, of course, one has to do daily regimented exercise routine.

Are You Happy?

Have you ever felt that your material possessions were more important than you are? Or did you ever feel that your worth was equivalent to the material things that you have? What was the feeling like? For sure, such feelings are not too happy for most of us. We naturally do not want to be regarded as less important than our own cell phones or bags. How would you feel if you discover that your friends accept you not for who you are but for what you own? Certainly, you will get turned off.

I will tell you a story about the shoemaker....I hope you like it!

The shoemaker

There once was a shoemaker who was very happy. While he fixed shoes, he sang at the top of his lungs, and delighted passersby laughed ad waved to him. People often stopped at his shop simply to share his happiness.

Another man in town was an unhappy banker. He never sang or laughed, and could hardly sleep. At first, he was not charmed by the shoemaker's joy, but eventually he found it infectious. He decided to talk to the shoemaker about the secret behind his happiness.

They talked for sometime, and the banker become quite curious about the subject. "Excuse me for asking," he said, "but, are you a wealthy man? How much money do you make in a year?"

The Shoemaker thought for a moment. "I can't really tell you the exact amount. I work; some days people buy, some days they don't. But my family is ever in need."

"That is delightfully simple," said the banker. "Because you have so generously shared your life with me, I would like to ensure that your financial needs are meet. Here is a gift of three hundred golden coins. Use them whenever you need to."

The shoemaker was overjoyed. He took the golden coins home and hid them under the floorboards of his house. From that point on, though, many things changed in his life. Concerned about the coins, he often left his shop to go home and check that no one had stolen them. He lost sleep at night worrying about the possibility that thieves might plot to steal the coins. His singing was not as cheerful as it had been. And when people dropped in to chat, he eyed them with suspicion.

Then one day the shoemaker took the golden coins and went to see the banker. "Your git was generous, and I thank you," the shoemaker said. "But I cannot afford to own these coins. Please take them back, and I will again be able to enjoy singing and sleeping, and laughing with my friends. When I took these coins and hid them, it seems that my happiness was hidden away as well."

Adapted from a fable by Jean La Fontaine

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Education Changes Lives

While jogging around the neighborhood one day morning, I saw my godmother who had just finished exercising. She wave her hand and telling me to come over to her. As far as I can see, She is a successful woman in her field. She was inviting me to have breakfast with her. We were having some fun talking together about our lives.

"How did you achieve your dreams, ninang?"

" Well, it's all in the attitude. Hard work and perseverance come together. Actually, I started from scratch."

"Well, I've got those attitudes but I guess I do not work even harder" I said laughing.

"But honestly, it has something to do with Education."

"How does Education changes you life?"

"I came from a very poor family. But I have dreams not just for my self but for my family as well and that is not to stuck in poverty. I can still remember there was one time that we have nothing to eat for a day. That is why I want to get my family out from that situation. I strive hard to continue education because I believe that it is the only way. "

"Though my family cannot afford to send me to college but I made the decision to work as a working student with no wage at all as long as I finished my schooling. Fortunately, I was accepted by one of the Professor of a certain University. I worked all day and studied at night. It's not so easy for me but I have no choice just for the sake of my dreams. I said to myself, " when this is all over, one day i will not be stuck in here anymore."

"True enough, with all the hard work, I finished college with honors. I graduated Cum Laude. I thank that Professor very much who at my time of need, accepted me. She became a part of my success and I won't forget her."

"what happened after that, ninang?"

" A prestigious company offered me a good job. At first, I became an accountant and then later, they promoted me as manager. I've been working for the company for almost thirty-five years long enough for me to retire next month."

" I am very proud of what you have accomplished, ninang."

" One day, you will achieve your dreams too."

" I hope so, ninang."

A lot of dreams are coming into my head as I went home that day. I will be a successful businesswoman someday, I said to myself.

As what we can see, Education can change our status in life. So, lets try not to waste our time in going to school because this will lead us to achieve our dreams. An educated man has better chances in job opportunities.

As we take our journey towards the ladder of success, we will encounter different kinds of people, let us bear this in mind:

" Beware of a man who has nothing to lose."

How deep is thy mother's LOVE?

Inspired by a short story " My Mother's Heart"

Looking at the stars outside my room's window, I remember how my mother scolded me when I got home that night. Well, I had a fault but I could not understand why she terribly ridiculed me and told me that I was just good for nothing. I was almost helpless. I hated her. I wanted to run away. Yes, I will. Then I felt sleep with the tears falling down from my face.

Not knowing where I am, I see myself inside a cave. I try to go but don't know where to find a way. Nevertheless, I decided to go on. Walk in the midst of darkness not knowing what is the end of the journey.

I take several steps. I look around. Nothing I could find and recognize but doors on both sides of my way. Curiously, I draw myself near the door and hesitantly hold the knob, twist it and open the door gradually. Unexpectedly, I see my mother's face angrily looking at me. My heart beat faster. I close the door with all my might.

Thinking of what is on the next door, I remember my mother. No! I won't dare see her again. But there is a soft voice that whispers to my ear, "Go on and you'll be the most precious stone in the mud."

I go on. There are three rooms left. I open the door without any care what will I see. Suddenly, my mother appears like a beast and beat me like I'm not her son. My outraging cry echoes the place. I hurriedly leave the room and try to go back. But after taking two steps back, someone brings my feet in the third door. " I won't", I tell myself. But a voice convince me once more.

With the tears on my eyes, I open the door quietly hoping I could view something pleasant of my mother. Contrary to my wish, a big screen appears flashing back all what had happened before- my parents are terribly quarreling. I was four years old then. I was crying at the corner when my father push my mother with eyes piercing with anger. Because of great hate of my mother, she took a knife and drove it on my father's back who at that time is turning back on my mother's wrath. It happened so quickly. I saw my father's body on the floor lying with his own blood.

Disgusted by the scene, I bring myself to the next door. I stand firmly. "I will do this at once and I can go out of this place."

As my hands and knees tremble with fear, I grip the knob and try to open the door but it did not work. I try again but nothing happens. After a few seconds, the door opens, I am frightened. I take a deep breath. I almost collapsed.

At the corner, I see mother's heart - full of compassion, repentance, love and affection, understanding and not hatred, anger and wrath as what I believed. I could not believed if everything is true. I shook my head and came near to the light reaching with my hands. Without any expectation, someone embraced me tightly, held me on her chest with love and said, " I'm sorry son, I love you." As I heard the soft voice, I looked up and saw my mother's face with tears on her eyes. My heart was broken into pieces and then hatred vanished like bubbles in the air. I hugged and kissed her.

I almost can't breath but then I woke up with tears falling from my face and with a smile on my lips. I can't fathom how deep is my mother's love for me. Now, I realized that my heart has no room for hatred but has a mansion for my mother's heart.


Increase Your Page Rank

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Blog Action Day: Being Poor.....

Being poor is not a choice. Some says, it's probably fate. Some are destined to it and some are not. Lucky for those who were born on a silver platter; those who were sons and daughters of rich men; those who were offspring of business tycoons; those who were heirs and heiress of wealthy men. Given two options: to be rich or to become poor? Who would want to choose the latter one? As a matter of fact, "nobody" wants to become poor but sometimes destiny calls for it.

More often than not, those who were born poor are far from being successful. Why? Though, not all, but most of the poor cannot afford to have a good education unless, of course, one should strive hard to attain it by being a scholar or apply for a part-time job or as a working student just to have a degree in education and then one can be accessible to have a good job in the future.

But there are few who were striving hard on whatever their endeavors are in order to improve the quality of life but still stuck in poverty. Who would be blamed? Some blame it to the government officials for they are only concern on their political careers. Others blame it to the poor people themselves.

What about you? Do you have stories to tell about poverty? Then, share it!

Blog Action Day: Preferential Option of the Poor

Many Filipinos today are tempted to see very little hope for our country. With all the corruption, violence, poverty and natural calamities besetting our people, we cannot blame them if they do not view the Philippines in very optimistic terms. Many innocent children die in starvation. In many places, young girls are constantly in danger of being brutally raped and killed. All these happened because of poverty. Who do you think are responsible? What is the church's response about all these things?

The church's response to poverty is its proclaimed preferential option for the poor. It is a choice to commit oneself to opposing the injustice, exploitation, oppression, and marginalization of the least, last, and lonely members of our communities. It is a christian commitment to help transform our society into one in which human dignity and the rights of all are truly respected. This is an option that can be chosen by both the rich and the poor. The rich are called to enter into the lives of the poor reaching out in fraternal unity with them. This may require the rich to sacrifice some of the privileges and luxuries in favor of the less fortunate. The poor, on the other hand, are called to be in solidarity with other underprivileged people rather than neglect them, or worse take advantage of them, and unite with the rich ad the powerful. (For example, the rich should give just wages to the poor; the poor should give an honest day's work and create local structures which can help raise their quality of life). The option for the poor means to recognize this social reality, and consequently to focus on decisions that will benefit those who are led by the rich leaders.

But love for the poor surely does not mean despising the rich. This commitment is preferential, not exclusive. The church teaches that we must give more attention to the poor, because, unlike the rich who have many advantages in life, the poor are deprived of so many things. Think of the possible benefit we all get if the poor are better educated and well-guided during election times. The educated poor would not be so easily misled and manipulated by unscrupulous politician and we would have the chance of electing leaders in our government who are truly concerned for the good of all.

Poverty is dehumanizing. The preferential option for the poor is a commitment to work against poverty. It upholds the human dignity of all individuals.

About Blog Action Day

On Wednesday, October 15, 2008 will be the Blog Action Day. This aims for writing in relevance with "poverty". In order to raise awareness and start a global discussions on how to alleviate or reduce poverty, let us participate on this given date. I'd suggest you visit or register your blog on BlogActionDay.

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What do you Think?

The youth are over reacting to adults censure; the adults are over imposing their authority. That is the problem. What shall we do?

They seem to be passing the ball of blame to each other. There is the reason of the youth's sentiments; so is there reason in the adult's action towards the young.

If the adult say that the "youth" is the hope of the motherland, it's really true. The youth are the ones with energy, vigor and idealism. They must channel this to something good for their country if they want to put these endowments to good use. They may lose their chances towards greatness.

If the youth would ask what the old had done when they were young, the truth is the old had not really done best. Are the youth are now wiling to repeat the same error?

The old had lost their chances that they can never regain. The chances they had wasted haunt them in their lonely hours that is why they are urging the youth now to act accordingly or their time will pass without them knowing it. They might wake up one morning looking at their wrinkled faces, their sagging arms, legs and body. These signs of the body tell them that they are already old and could not anything do more special and extraordinary. No matter what amount of repentance the old must shed, still everything is useless now when they are already at the twilight of their lives.

So if the youth want to change the present picture of our society, they must be productive now. They must not waste their time on fleeting things. There is no good blaming the old what they were able to do. The young must prove they are a better stock.

Now is their time.

something about LOVE..

Last month, I have heard through GMA 7, a news and current affairs program, about a young lady who committed suicide by hanging herself in her bedroom. Why? Because she fell in love and it did not work the way she wanted it to be. That did not really affect me much because I thought she was just one of those crazy, young, immature girls who could not accept that love changes and fades away.

By looking at it closely, I have come to realize that perhaps there wwere more to it than justlosing and not to go on with life.

Our parents say that love kills and destroys. And more often than not, they make it a reason to forbid us from falling in love while still in school. They claim that it only creates more pressures and failures...destroying the hopes and dreams they have for us. Sometimes our closest friends tell us that an intimate relationship with someone can destroy even the strongest friendship that ever existed. Why? Because of rivalry.

But how did these assumptions come about? Is there realy some truth to what our parents and closest friends say about love?

We have, indeed, lost too many important people in our lives because of love or we just thought it was love. But are we really sure that what we have experienced was love? Think again.

True love does not destroy but builds. It may hurt a lot but itwil never come to the point of putting an evil thought in your mind. It's very sadto know that most of us do not understand what love realy means.We ussually think that it is synonymous to security and happiness. Well, in some ways, it is, but it depends on to whom you seek for it.

The trouble with us is we ussualy depend on others about our security and happiness and because of this, we ussually get into a relationship without realy knowing what we are heading. We intend to give so much of ourselves to the point of losing our own identity and sef-confidence. And when we think we have given everything, someone fals out of ove and decides to leave.

Perhaps, we need to experience a different kind of love first. If we want a lasting relationship, then let Him stand in between. It is wrong to think that nobody understandsour need to be loved. He is the only source of lasting joy and peace. A the people we meet everyday, and even those whom we share our intimate secrets with, are temporary and changing. In onen time or another, we will lose al of them.

But if it is eternal peace and happiness that we desire, then surely there can be only one source...the one who dwells above.

Unwanted pregnancy

Most teenagers nowadays are engaged in premarital sex. They don't even care or aware that girls might get pregnant. Their only concern is to satisfy their human needs without knowing the consequences of their actions later. And because of this unwanted and unintended pregnancies occur.

The causes of teenage pregnancy in the developed countries are completely different. Often the social conditions will lead a teenage girl to have unsafe sex with his partner. The teenagers who are making sexual relation often do not have information on safe sex. Often teenagers take alcohol and drugs and indulge into a sexual relation in an intoxicated state. The intoxication makes them avoid the embarrassment and pain of the sexual activities.Most often than not, teenage girls do not engage themselves in a sexual activity in their own free will. Some are being forced to take drugs by their partner.

Rape is also one of the causes of teenage pregnancy. Psychologically, a girl who has been a rape victim suffers instability in their state of mind. Some of these victims gets pregnant and they resort to abortion because they cannot accept the reality.

Improper guidance of the parents is another thing. Experts says that one cause of teenage pregnancy is minimal supervision of the parents to their kids as they grow up.

Statistics shows that the rate of unwanted pregnancies among women ages 20 to 24 rose by 6 percent from 1994 to 2001, though it declined among teens, according to the National Campaign. Further, 54 percent of unwanted pregnancies occur to women in their twenties, with the largest proportion, 32 percent, among women 20-24.

Of these pregnancies, 78% are unplanned. most likely living with their parents and on their parent’s income, and are not financially ready for a baby. The majority of pregnant teens choose to continue their pregnancies and keep their infants. Adolescent pregnancy is linked with higher rates of illness and death for both the mother and infant. Pregnant teens are more likely to have a serious medical problem, such as pregnancy-induced hypertension, premature delivery, and toxemia. The affects which teen pregnancy has on society is very great. Many pregnant teens feel guilt, shame, and secrecy. Statistics show, that each year almost 1 million teenage women become pregnant. There are many forms of birth control to avoid pregnancy. Another negative consequence is that they don’t get to experience their childhood to the fullest. It is also difficult for single teenage mothers to make a living, because they do not have the education qualifications to have a good paying job, and also have numerous commitments to the baby. Research indicates that one out of four of all women will become pregnant before the age of twenty. And some resort to either one of these two things: abortion or adoption.

Ways of dealing with an unwanted or unintended pregnancy falls into three categories: prevent it, terminate it, or follow through with it. If you choose to carry an unplanned pregnancy to term, you have the additional option of giving the child to another family through the process of adoption. Whatever your situation or your preference for handling it, bear in mind that this is just an overview of all your options. The purpose of this research is to just provide awareness on whatever your preference are.If an option interests you, I encourage you to do further research and talk to a counselor or doctor before a decision is made.

Good News: It's a boy!

September 28, 2008 at around 9:05 in the evening, I received a call from a friend that she is now having her labor pains. I went to her house immediately to check if she can still bear the pain. Packing all the necessary things that would be needed during her delivery and then we decided to call up an ambulance and confined her to the hospital. Outside the delivery room, we cannot be at ease because as if we were the one who is giving birth, we are nervous if she is alright. And another thing is, we too are very much excited to see the baby. My friend suffered too much pain. We were just sitting outside the delivery room waiting. Until at last, the doctor announces that it's a BOY! and then the baby cried. At around 3:00 O'clock in the afternoon in the 29th day of September, a new baby was born by the name Nicolai Siarez. We are very glad to see that it is a healthy baby boy and that my friend is fine. I remember her said "the pain? it was all worth it". Upon seeing her baby, all the pain vanished. After all the things that she had been through, all things are turned into a new perspective and a brighter one.

"I am now a mother and am a proud one" she said.

The Search for Happiness

If we take a closer look at our life, we realize that we do what we do because we ultimately want to be happy.However, one mistake we commonly commit is to seek happiness in our endless efforts to have more and to earn more. While material goods are important to our survival and dignity, the incessant pursuit for ever more wealth and material possessions make our life meaningless. This is the attraction of materialism. We are not immune from this culture. We, especially the young want to be sure we are "in". We desire the latest fashion in our clothes and in almost everything: cell phones, bags, shoes, music, etc. We crave for more and more and always want to get ahead of others as if our identity and security depend on possessing these things.

Such a lifestyle can be very stressful. In this lifestyle, we can even sabotage even our own joy. Imagine the amount of time and resources we have to spend just to be able to keep ourselves abreast with the latest things in the market. Imagine the thiongs we have to give up or the unnecessary anxiety we have to endure in order to be"in". By living this way, our society is affected, too. Our economy is pressured to produce more and more luxury goods at all cost. Much energy and resources are wasted. Look around and see how our environment suffers and how people are corrupted-all because of the ilusion that to "have more" is the key to genuine happiness.

The opposite of this kind of mindset is to focus on a simple lifestyle. Simple living means stressing the essentials, both material and spiritual, which we offer a deeper source of authentic happiness and joy.

Simple living helps us understand that the real source of joy is the profound love of God for us. since every human being is created in God's image and destined for eternal life with God, nothing less than God can make us ultimately truly happy. We do not possess in our selves the deepest source of true happiness. Riches, popularity, and power cannot guarantee genuine happiness. All lasting happiness that we experience is from God: it is God's blessing, a beatitude. Recognizing this is the key to the first beatitude-the poor in spirit will gain true happiness. This starts in our pilgrimage now in which we seek happiness in our daily life by living according to Christ's teachings, but it comes to complete fulfillment in the next life in God.

"Live simply so that others may simply live"

Why Hooked on Drugs?

Many people do not understand why individuals become addicted to drugs or how drugs can change the brain to foster compulsive drug abuse.

A compulsion is a pressure that affects both the mind and the behavior.To the addict, this impulse to act, regardless of the rationality or consequence, appears irresistible. He will fee driven--even forced--to pursue a prescribed thought action.

Causes of Drug Addiction

1. Inability to cope with crisis

One of the typical causes of drug addiction is the inability to cope with crisis. Loss, disappointments, feelings of rejection, loneliness and failure frequently lead to physical and emotional symptoms. As symptoms of headaches, tension, sleeplessness, and depression increase, medications become a solution. Some will get prescription from a physician or try to medicate themselves.

2. Curiosity

Humans are born curious and information about drugs is everywhere.These drives individuals to take prohibited drugs because they become curios about it.

3. Gateway drugs

A person may have started out using something less addicting such as Marijuana and looking for a better high, they come in contact with heavier substances that offer a different type of high.

4. Peer pressure

Individuals are pressured by their peers when it comes to the so-called "the need to belong". If getting high is what is acceptable in your circle of friends, you will be pressured to perform or act in the same way.

5. Alteration of the perception of reality

Drug Addicts don't even realize what they are doing. They tend to blame their problems on those around them including their friends, co-workers and loved ones. And so being addicted to drugs actually makes them believe they need it to survive. They will go to great lengths to deny that their use of drugs is the reason for a deteriorating situation.

6. Environment

A person's environment includes many different influences--from family and friends to socioeconomic status and the quality of life in general.If a person is raised in an environment where drugs are part of life or are accepted, then it is more likely that they tend to be addicted to it.

Being addicted implies drug dependence.The longer a person uses, the higher the tolerance becomes and the more frequent the person needs to use in order to feel the high again.

But how can we help individuals especially teenagers from taking prohibited drugs?

Well, Prevention is the key.

Drug addiction is a preventable disease. Results from NIDA-funded research have shown that prevention programs that involve families, schools, communities, and the media are effective in reducing drug abuse. Although many events and cultural factors affect drug abuse trends, when youths perceive drug abuse as harmful, they reduce their drug taking. It is necessary, therefore, to help youth and the general public to understand the risks of drug abuse, and for teachers, parents, and healthcare professionals to keep sending the message that drug addiction can be prevented if a person never abuses drugs.

where is the so-called "Family"

Family is the basic structure of the society. It is where characters are build and values are formed. It plays the role of nurturing and ensuring its members by teaching them good values in order to become good citizens of the society and to promote both social responsibility and solidarity.

But what about those who do not have a family to be called? Like those who were born only just to see the world without knowing who they really are and where did they come from. It hurts, right? They don't even see their parents....Yes, they were lucky to have seen the world but unfortunately they were born just to be an unwanted child at the end.Look at those street children begging for money in order for them to survive. Some of them were completely abandoned by their family so to speak. They do not a family to be called their own. A family who will guide them instead. And worst they become bad guys and even criminals of the society because they were not guided by their family as they grow up. They are deprived of family care and protection. They even lived in abandoned buildings, automobiles, parks and on the streets as well.

Children making their home/livelihoods on the streets is not a new phenomenon. They may have no choice. They are abandoned, orphaned and thrown out of their homes. They may choose to live on the streets because of mistreatment or neglect them because their family cannot provide their basic needs.

So sad......right?

But how can we help these kids to have a better future?

Poverty in the Philippines

Poverty is seen and defined in many ways. But when we speak of the poor, we almost always mean those who suffer from economic impoverishment. This involves of even the basic needs to sustain life. This is the kind of poverty that is the most prevalent in the Philippines. It is also the cause of other forms such as ow self-esteem, powerlessness and discrimination. we know that the poor have a quiet ability to survive. They know how to make do the little that they have in order to get by. However, since they focus only on their survival, it is hard for them to attend to their other needs like heath and education- the things that can help them develop or improve their skills and upift the kind of living that they have.

Filipinos have different opinions as to hat the real problem is.Some blame it tp the government on its faulty economic policies and its corrupt leaders.Others blme it to the poor people themselves. Poor people are not lazy but the real problem is that no matter how hard they they work, they remain stuck in poverty. Why? Because most work at jobs with low wages, sometimes even below the minimum wage, or are unable to look for jobs to begin with because of lack of necessary skills and educational attainment. Even before they apply for a job, thay are already at the osing end because thay do not have suficient background likequality education or access to resources ike available iexpensive transportation that are needed to enable them to compete with many other filipinos seeking empoyment.

Between the industrious poor and the lazy rich, the lazy rich often has a better chance to get ahead in life as ar as opportunity is concerned.

another thing is, the poor arepoor because of the number of children in the family. So, the more mouths the poor family has to feed, the more they wil have to keep all members well-feed, clothed and sheltered.

So, what is our response to the continous problem of poverty our country is facing?

Prostitution, not a solution

What comes into your mind when you can hear the word "prostitute"?

People has a negative connotation when they can hear the words "prostitutes" or "whore". Women who are working as prostitutes are perceived to be of low level and are bad examples disregarding the norms of acceptable behavior in the society.

Lacking of full economic access to fundamental human needs such as food, clothing and shelter is the very reason why most poor are engaged in prostitution and illegal activities. Prostitution is generally defined as performing, offering, agreeing to perform a sexual act for money, property, token, object,article or anything of value. What we saw on TV-pick up girls at midnight waiting for customers and some are on the prostitution dens doing malicious activities- so sad but it's true. Some are clients of rich and influential individuals of the society.

In some marriages, the use of prostitutes by one spouse is tolerated by the other spouse. The prostitutes provides the function one of the spouse is not willing to provide. Prostitution evolved into a highly visible industrialized business.The industrialization increased the market demand for prostitution because of of an increases standard of living that came with the new prosperity of the business classes.

women are commercialized as "sexed bodies for hire" and business stood to profit from rental of their properties for prostitution and illicit sex increasingly became an attractive form of capital investment.

It is generally thought that prostitutes sell sex for money out of their own free will. More often than not, this is NOT the case. There is usually a pimp (a man who controls the prostitute) who forces her to have sex with men so that the pimp can take the money the men give her. The pimp manages to gain control of the woman by violence, blackmail, threats and other despicable methods.

Statistics shows that most prostitutes are either divorced women or women who left their husbands homes due to being battered or a widow one. And for these they were left to themselves to brought up their kids and they have no choice but to resort to being prostitute which they believe can help them find easy money. But is this the solution?

Prostitution is not the ultimate solution for any women for she and her kids must live without a bread winner. There are a lot of women out there who were at the same time poor and even unemployed but did not resort to prostitution. It has been believed that a women who use their kids as an excuse to prostituting their body are generally lazy. There are many ways for a women who can make money for herself and for the kids as well. It is not an ideal way to make it for a living.

A mother's primary job is to secure their children's future and give them education by teaching them by example so working as prostitute, what can you teach your kid in the first place? Because children look up to their parents, what will their parents do, some dare to follow.

Are you one of these people I am referring to?

In order for your kids to have a better future, be sure to quit this kind of job because definitely it is not an ideal way to make it for a living. Everybody is given a second chance. It is not yet too late.

Learn to Listen

Jeralyn, a friend of mine, brought energy into a room whenever she entered. She focused her entire attention while you were talking and you felt that you are important than you had before she started listening. And that's why people love her.

One sunny afternoon, Jeralyn and I are sitting on a bench at the park. I was looking at somewhere when I noticed one of my neighbors crossing the parking lot.

"I don't want to run into her," I said.
"Why not?" Jeralyn asked.

I explained to her that during our first encounter, we parted on bad terms-I had taken offense at some suggestion she made in the neighborhood and had, in turn, given offense in my answer. "Besides," I added, " the woman does not like me."

Jeralyn looked at the passing figure. "Maybe, you got it wrong," she said. "Maybe you are the one who is turning away-and you are just doing that because you're afraid. She probably thinks you don't like her, so she's not friendly. People liked people who liked them.If you show an interest in her, she'll be interested in you too. Go talk to her."

Her words stung. I walked towards her. I greeted my neighbor, and asked how her summer had been. She looked at me, genuinely surprised. We walked off together talking, and I could imagine Jeralyn watching us, smiling broadly.

Jeralyn had explained to me a simple concept. Like most teenagers, I felt unsure of myself and came to all my encounters fearing that others would judge me, when in fact they were worrying about how would I judge them.

How often we allow such opportunities to pass us by. The girl who everyone thinks who is homely, the boy with the odd clothes-those people have stories to tell, as surely as you do. And like you, they dreamed that someone is willing to hear.

This is what Jeralyn wanted to teach me.Like people first, ask questions later. See if the light you shine on others is not reflected back on you a hundredfold.

One thing I learned, "Learn to Listen so others woud listen you".

How to deal with hyperactive kid?

I really had a hard time dealing with my son. His name is James. He is my eldest. He is so restless.He does everything what he wants even if it would come to a point that he would destroy all his toys and even experiment on how his toy car works. I told him to behave and even scold him for what he did. He did listen and he behave for quite a while, the next thing I knew he was running again and playing and doing just anything which he thinks is so unusual. After long hours of talking about his behavior, running,pushing,shouting and all the spanking, I drained all my energy but still he does not even seem to understand. And so I decided to search the web on how to deal with a hyperactive kid. I found out that "some kids are temperamentally difficult while others are most likely to misbehave because our responses encourages it" says Lawrence Shapiro Ph.D. Toddlers have lots of energy because this is the period of their rapid growth and they seemed to be curious about just anything, on how the world works and they want to explore everything in their environment and how people respond tho them. They begin experimenting. They want to do the thing they want by themselves. At this age, they tend to be possessive of anything. And the last thing is their tantrums, one thing I learned, never give in to a tantrums. Established a serious limits and structures. When you tell yourself just this one time, it's already too late.

Here are some of the Instructions that I found out on how to deal with a hyperactive kid:

1. Toddlers are curious, energetic, and mobile. Their being active drains all your energy and to keep them more active
-Enroll your kids in a dance class, team sports or martial arts, these activities teaches self-esteem and discipline. This will help drain their energy.

2. getting busy -Kids starts to run around and sometimes shout without any reason.
-give your child a toy, a toy that will make his mind busy. My kid will just sit on one corner, getting busy on what he will do out of his blocks.

3. smart kid -Computers also make wonders, let your kid look at their favorite cartoon characters. Computers are very interesting for kids, they got to watch and play with their favorites and they also learn from it.

4. keep their minds busy -Books with lots of drawing, shape and color catches your kids attention. Make time to read them a story at least once a day and teach them the lessons that they should learn from the book. The everyday lessons that they are learning from the stories will help them know the right from the wrong.

5. behaving and learning -A good and interesting coloring book will also help. Choose a book that has their favorite characters, and tell them the color as they pick.

Faith is all we need......

Look at the world today?

What have you seen?

What have you heard?

What have you noticed?

economic crisis...murder....terrorism......bombing........calamities.....or even war....

When will this be over?

I don't know when but one thing is for order for us to face the challenges in life and all the problems that we encounter, we need to have faith in God. He is our strength. He is our fortress.

At this point in time, faith is all we need....

In every battle that we face, just remember this:

"God will make a way, when there seems to be no way".


Love is more than speaking words of eloquence
Love is more than knowledge can express
Love is not a fruit of man's intelligence
Love is not religious ordinance.

Love is more than feeling or emotions
Love is not just a four-letter word
Love is not a human devotion
Love, the sweetest story ever heard.

For love is always patient, loyal and true
Love will never selfishly pursue
Love will not uncover the wrong and review
Love abides when others are untrue.

Love can bear rejection or injustice
Love has faith when everything goes wrong
Love can face a million broken promises
And forever may there will be always faith, hope and love
But the greatest of them all is LOVE.

E-mail from God

As you got up this morning, I watched you and hoped you would talk to me, even if it was just a few words, asking my opinion or thanking me for something good that happened in your life yesterday-but I noticed you were too busy trying to find the right outfit to put on and wear to work.

I waited again. When you ran around the house getting ready, I knew there would be a few minutes of you to stop and say hello, but you were too busy. At one point, you had to wait fifteen minutes with nothing to do except sit on a chair. Then I saw you spring to your feet. I thought you wanted to talk to me, that is why you did not bow your head. You glanced three to four tables over and you noticed some of your friends talking to me briefly before they ate, but you didn't. That's okay.

There is still more time left. And I have hoped that you will talk to me, yet you went home and it seems you had lots of things to do. After a few of them were done, you turned on the TV or not just about anything goes there and you spent a lot of time each day in front of it, not thinking about anything, just enjoy the show. I waited patiently again as you watched TV and ate your meal but again you didn't talk to me.

Bedtime I guess you felt too tired. After you said good night to your family, you plopped into bed and fell asleep in no time. That's okay because you may not realize that I am always there for you. I've got patience more than you will ever know. I even want to teach you how to be patient with others as well. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH that I wait every day for a nod, prayer or thought or a thankful part of your heart.

It is hard to have a one-sided conversation. Well, you are getting up again and once again I will wait with nothing but love for you, hoping that you will give me some time. Have a nice day.

your friend,

Echoes of Our Hearts

Sometimes we close our eyes and just listen to the echoes of our hearts-we fall in love.And there are times that we love so much that we lose ourselves in our emotions. More often than not, we wonder why there are love that grows and love that grows cold. We would start to search for answers and try to find where love has gone wrong. But in the end, we find ourselves to where we started.

We cannot question love when it has its own reasons. Love will always be as it always has been- silent, mysterious and deeply profound. Many of us believed that love is forever.....that love never dies...only to be disappointed in the end.

When we find our hands empty in our heart's longing, we mistakenly have looked at love to be fulfilled. But love is only a gift given to us. We should not hold it in our hands for we may never find the strength to let it go when it decides to be. We should only embrace its warmth and glow while that lasts. and the fully open our arms when its time to say goodbye.

When we fall in love with someone, we don't want that feeling to end, for it is everything we are and everything we want it to be. We pray that love would stay and grow in our heart. But if it doesn't, then we should never let our lives be taken by it, for life should not end where heartaches begin. There is always a reason why we have to move on, when we have to say the feelings we wanted to say forever.

Let us not waive or hands with a heavy heart for love will have to set its wings free and find where it belongs. We may have lost it, but then again, when we close our eyes and listen to the echoes of our hearts, we will hear that feeling - resounding silently forever - then we'll know that it has never left us for the good that we have become for love will always stay.It will always be there, reminding us that we should be thankful and happy- and not because we have lost love - but because for once in our lives, that feeling lived in our hearts and made us HAPPY.

A Phrase...

One day morning, as I was reading a newspaper. I found a phrase in a certain business column. It say's there, "Teach your peso to earn from your centavos", What can you guys say about this one. Well, think about it, If we're planning on investing our money on a certain project, this could be our guide.

At this point in time that crises arises, we should have to find means in earning money to improve the kind of living we have. In addition to this, we should have to be wise in budgeting our income. Buy only things that are needed. Do not waste your money in buying expensive things where you can buy a cheaper and a quality one. Living within your means....that's it.....

For me, I like this phrase in the sense that this could help me plan in initiating income from my single amount of money. What about you? May be this could help you as well in achieving your visions in life.

Think about it.....

It hurts.....

It has been six long years before my first-born baby died. Two days after i gave birth to her, she had hard time breathing. In the hospital, I can still imagine how she looks like.When I saw her in the incubator with all those dextrose in her hand and a tube in her nose, it squeezed my heart to death. I wanted to scream because she does not deserve to be like that. I wanted to cry at that very moment but then I felt nothing.... I'm in deep shocked. I thought she was just sleeping, before I knew she was already dead....Tears keep falling from my face....

Until now, it still hurts that we were not able to make her survive....May be it was God's plan and we cannot question that........But it takes times for us to move on.....

It still hurts....really it is.....

My Sentiments

There was a time that I asked myself.Why am I not successful at this point in my life? May be because, it was my fault. I can see my colleagues in college who are now successful in their field. That is the very reason why I do not go to reunions even though I was cordially invited.

I know deep in my heart that I can still be successful in time and may be in some other way. I know God has plans for me and for my due time.....

Well, that's my only consolation.

Loving you PAPA...

Falling in love with someone is one of the most wonderful feeling that a person would feel.That's what i felt when i met my husband. He was one of the most wonderful gift God has given to me. He was my knight in shining armor. He saved me from hell. He saved me from depression in my life. And if given the chance to bring back the time, i would still choose my PAPA to be my husband forever. God blessed us with two handsome kids. Financially speaking, we're not that stable and even distance keeps us apart, we were able to cope with it. And still we were a happy couple. We've been through a lot of problems in life but we were able to face it and still stand together. Our love keeps us alive.

I love you PAP, very much......

pOvErTy, not starvation

One of the problems that beset our country today is Poverty. Poverty and hunger are marked with shame. True enough, a poor man is often ashamed and feels humiliated. Government and even international organizations tend to help and initiate projects aimed at providing food for the starving people. From time to time they send some rice or corn here and there.

The real problem is that hunger is connected with terrible living conditions, lack of basic education. aggression, lack of family ties and even unproductive. What we see on TV-masses of people receiving help in a remote areas-does not show the real problem.

We cannot deny the fact that our country is in the state of poverty by just looking at our environment, there is a rice shortage and so some people tend to steal and even kill people just to save their families from starvation.

With a little bit of goodwill and with today's technology, hunger can be limited. But how can we alleviate poverty? What did the government do?

Ask it yourself........

tHat'S LifE...

"Life is unfair"... that's what most people think of. Not ll things are given to us naturally, we have to strive hard to reach for our dreams. No one ever says that he wake up one morning and he become the richest man in the world. Well not to mention those who won in the lottery....Try to look at the people around us,they are very busy working too hard so they can have a better future.Try to picture out those who are on the slum areas, though it was hard on their part but they have to steal or kill people for survival. Some have their own reason, maybe deprived from their right or may be their families are in danger and they have no choice left but to steal so they can pay for their hospital bills. What is life ahead of these kind of people.

By just looking at the people around us, the rich become richer and the poor becomes poorer. Why? Its for you to find out......

Well, that's LIFE............

Love is..........

Love is a risk and happiness is a choice........ You have to risk your heart in loving and choose to be happy or the other way around, do not fall in love and live a life in solitude.

Love is accompanied with heartaches. And this is the very reason why most people are afraid of falling in love and be committed with someone. Never mind those heartaches, its just a part of achieving happiness.

Face the consequences if its the only gateway in order to be happy.....

My Family

These are my kids.....

My family.........

My precious gems.......

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