How deep is thy mother's LOVE?

Inspired by a short story " My Mother's Heart"

Looking at the stars outside my room's window, I remember how my mother scolded me when I got home that night. Well, I had a fault but I could not understand why she terribly ridiculed me and told me that I was just good for nothing. I was almost helpless. I hated her. I wanted to run away. Yes, I will. Then I felt sleep with the tears falling down from my face.

Not knowing where I am, I see myself inside a cave. I try to go but don't know where to find a way. Nevertheless, I decided to go on. Walk in the midst of darkness not knowing what is the end of the journey.

I take several steps. I look around. Nothing I could find and recognize but doors on both sides of my way. Curiously, I draw myself near the door and hesitantly hold the knob, twist it and open the door gradually. Unexpectedly, I see my mother's face angrily looking at me. My heart beat faster. I close the door with all my might.

Thinking of what is on the next door, I remember my mother. No! I won't dare see her again. But there is a soft voice that whispers to my ear, "Go on and you'll be the most precious stone in the mud."

I go on. There are three rooms left. I open the door without any care what will I see. Suddenly, my mother appears like a beast and beat me like I'm not her son. My outraging cry echoes the place. I hurriedly leave the room and try to go back. But after taking two steps back, someone brings my feet in the third door. " I won't", I tell myself. But a voice convince me once more.

With the tears on my eyes, I open the door quietly hoping I could view something pleasant of my mother. Contrary to my wish, a big screen appears flashing back all what had happened before- my parents are terribly quarreling. I was four years old then. I was crying at the corner when my father push my mother with eyes piercing with anger. Because of great hate of my mother, she took a knife and drove it on my father's back who at that time is turning back on my mother's wrath. It happened so quickly. I saw my father's body on the floor lying with his own blood.

Disgusted by the scene, I bring myself to the next door. I stand firmly. "I will do this at once and I can go out of this place."

As my hands and knees tremble with fear, I grip the knob and try to open the door but it did not work. I try again but nothing happens. After a few seconds, the door opens, I am frightened. I take a deep breath. I almost collapsed.

At the corner, I see mother's heart - full of compassion, repentance, love and affection, understanding and not hatred, anger and wrath as what I believed. I could not believed if everything is true. I shook my head and came near to the light reaching with my hands. Without any expectation, someone embraced me tightly, held me on her chest with love and said, " I'm sorry son, I love you." As I heard the soft voice, I looked up and saw my mother's face with tears on her eyes. My heart was broken into pieces and then hatred vanished like bubbles in the air. I hugged and kissed her.

I almost can't breath but then I woke up with tears falling from my face and with a smile on my lips. I can't fathom how deep is my mother's love for me. Now, I realized that my heart has no room for hatred but has a mansion for my mother's heart.



vemuri said...

truly mother...

aireen said...

Thanks vermuri..

harsha said...

while I understand that every mother always loves her kids deeply and wishes only the best for them, why would she beat him up and ridicule him in the first place?

My mother never beat me. Even when she was in pain, anger or frustrated.

Good post nevertheless. Can you post a link to the original short story as well? thanks.

aireen said...

thanks...I just heard the story from one of the sermons in the church..

Andi said...

Mother is truly loves her children.

aireen said...

you are right andi..mother wants the best for her kids..

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