Are You Happy?

Have you ever felt that your material possessions were more important than you are? Or did you ever feel that your worth was equivalent to the material things that you have? What was the feeling like? For sure, such feelings are not too happy for most of us. We naturally do not want to be regarded as less important than our own cell phones or bags. How would you feel if you discover that your friends accept you not for who you are but for what you own? Certainly, you will get turned off.

I will tell you a story about the shoemaker....I hope you like it!

The shoemaker

There once was a shoemaker who was very happy. While he fixed shoes, he sang at the top of his lungs, and delighted passersby laughed ad waved to him. People often stopped at his shop simply to share his happiness.

Another man in town was an unhappy banker. He never sang or laughed, and could hardly sleep. At first, he was not charmed by the shoemaker's joy, but eventually he found it infectious. He decided to talk to the shoemaker about the secret behind his happiness.

They talked for sometime, and the banker become quite curious about the subject. "Excuse me for asking," he said, "but, are you a wealthy man? How much money do you make in a year?"

The Shoemaker thought for a moment. "I can't really tell you the exact amount. I work; some days people buy, some days they don't. But my family is ever in need."

"That is delightfully simple," said the banker. "Because you have so generously shared your life with me, I would like to ensure that your financial needs are meet. Here is a gift of three hundred golden coins. Use them whenever you need to."

The shoemaker was overjoyed. He took the golden coins home and hid them under the floorboards of his house. From that point on, though, many things changed in his life. Concerned about the coins, he often left his shop to go home and check that no one had stolen them. He lost sleep at night worrying about the possibility that thieves might plot to steal the coins. His singing was not as cheerful as it had been. And when people dropped in to chat, he eyed them with suspicion.

Then one day the shoemaker took the golden coins and went to see the banker. "Your git was generous, and I thank you," the shoemaker said. "But I cannot afford to own these coins. Please take them back, and I will again be able to enjoy singing and sleeping, and laughing with my friends. When I took these coins and hid them, it seems that my happiness was hidden away as well."

Adapted from a fable by Jean La Fontaine

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ZuiYanHong said...

I am happy with what I have.

aireen said...

Well, I am very gad to hear that from you.

thanks for dropping by.

earthlingorgeous said...

Wow! What a nice post! I am easily pleased with all the blessing and blessing in disguise coming my way!

By the way, I am celebrating my blog 1 year anniversary and I would like to invite you to join my giveaway. Details here Sali ka ha? See you there!

aireen said...

thanks to you earthling... for visiting my blog..

I have visited yours too and joined your contest.

thanks for the invitation.

earthlingorgeous said...

Thanks for joining Aireen :)

earthlingorgeous said...

Aireen! Here again I have a tag for you here. Do it when you can. See yah!

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