Playing computer games: good or bad?

Playing computer games could be fun and entertaining. It is a trend nowadays. Most children even adults are hooked with games like these. It is important to know the effects of computer games so that gamers like you would have a more sound decision in choosing which games are good for you..

Good Effects

  • Video-game playing introduces children to computer technology.
  • Games can practice children in following directions.
  • some games provide practice in problem solving and logic.
  • Games can provide practice in using fine motor skills.
  • Games can provide occasions for parent and child to play together.
  • Some games have therapeutic applications with patients.
  • Games are entertaining and fun.

The Bad Effects

  • Overdependence on video games may make someone antisocial, as most games are often played alone.
  • Playing violent acts may contribute to aggressive behavior.
  • Game environments are often based on plots of violence, aggression, and gender bias. Women are often portrayed as weaker characters that are helpless and provocative.
  • Many games only offer an arena of weapons, killings, kicking, stabbing, and shooting.
  • Playing violent video games may be related to aggressive behavior.
  • Academic performance may be negatively affected due to over-all time spent playing video games.

What to Do

Researcher suggests the following ways to tell if a game is potentially harmful:

  1. Pay the game yourself, or have someone demonstrate it for you.
  2. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Does the game involve some charaters trying to harm others?
  • Does this happen frequently, that is, more than once or twice in 30 minutes?
  • Is the harm rewarded in any way?
  • Is the harm depicted as humorous?
  • Are nonviolent solutions absent or less fun than the violent ones?
  • Are realistic consequences of violence absent from the game?

If the answer to two or more questions is yes, then think very carefully before buying or playing those games.


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girish said...

hello good question i love to play ps3,ps2 is good coz some game improve child activity so keep rocking with cp game thanks for post
Yes that is a nice idea but have you ever thought of going up to the biggest guy on the subway and telling him your thoughts on this. I wonder what he might do, or would you even do it.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for post. It’s really informative stuff.
I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here! my best regards guys!
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Jimmy Jarred said...

Its a very good question that is frequently asked by many mentors and parents. I will say there is no perfect answer to this question as video games are good as well as bad. As we all know extent of anything is always bad so is the fact with these games.
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