Is it true that hydrogen peroxide prevents infection of cuts and bruises?

Hydrogen peroxide may make the wound more susceptible to infection instead of making it heal faster.

Hydrogen Peroxide commonly known as agua oxigenada, is a metabolic toxin that kills the infection-causing bacteria at the site of the wound, but it may also eat away our own cells called antibodies, the ones that rush into sites of injury to fight infectious agents. When our antibodies wear away because of Hydrogen Peroxide, the wound will heal more slowly, thereby increasing the risk of it becoming infected.

What should really be done when one get cut or wounded is to clean the wound with water or alcohol or apply normal saline, which is available at the local drug store, bandage it with a clean cloth or gauze so that it will not be further exposed to infective agents. Some people prefer to let their wound dry up by exposing it to the air, but it is really more advisable to protect and sanitize the wound instead of exposing it to potentially dirty air.

So, you have to take good care of yourself always but if you can't avoid getting wounded, be sure to clean the wound properly and keep hydrogen peroxide away.


dolphin772004 said...


Interesting post and great information, well done. Always like learning new things about health related subjects.

Anonymous said...

Hydrogen Peroxide tends to remove the dead cells or debris from the wound.

It is then advised to wash off the solution with betadine or alcohal, if you can bear the pain...:)

starwin said...

keep up the good the info on hydrogen peroxide...

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