pOvErTy, not starvation

One of the problems that beset our country today is Poverty. Poverty and hunger are marked with shame. True enough, a poor man is often ashamed and feels humiliated. Government and even international organizations tend to help and initiate projects aimed at providing food for the starving people. From time to time they send some rice or corn here and there.

The real problem is that hunger is connected with terrible living conditions, lack of basic education. aggression, lack of family ties and even unproductive. What we see on TV-masses of people receiving help in a remote areas-does not show the real problem.

We cannot deny the fact that our country is in the state of poverty by just looking at our environment, there is a rice shortage and so some people tend to steal and even kill people just to save their families from starvation.

With a little bit of goodwill and with today's technology, hunger can be limited. But how can we alleviate poverty? What did the government do?

Ask it yourself........


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