Good News: It's a boy!

September 28, 2008 at around 9:05 in the evening, I received a call from a friend that she is now having her labor pains. I went to her house immediately to check if she can still bear the pain. Packing all the necessary things that would be needed during her delivery and then we decided to call up an ambulance and confined her to the hospital. Outside the delivery room, we cannot be at ease because as if we were the one who is giving birth, we are nervous if she is alright. And another thing is, we too are very much excited to see the baby. My friend suffered too much pain. We were just sitting outside the delivery room waiting. Until at last, the doctor announces that it's a BOY! and then the baby cried. At around 3:00 O'clock in the afternoon in the 29th day of September, a new baby was born by the name Nicolai Siarez. We are very glad to see that it is a healthy baby boy and that my friend is fine. I remember her said "the pain? it was all worth it". Upon seeing her baby, all the pain vanished. After all the things that she had been through, all things are turned into a new perspective and a brighter one.

"I am now a mother and am a proud one" she said.


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