Unwanted pregnancy

Most teenagers nowadays are engaged in premarital sex. They don't even care or aware that girls might get pregnant. Their only concern is to satisfy their human needs without knowing the consequences of their actions later. And because of this unwanted and unintended pregnancies occur.

The causes of teenage pregnancy in the developed countries are completely different. Often the social conditions will lead a teenage girl to have unsafe sex with his partner. The teenagers who are making sexual relation often do not have information on safe sex. Often teenagers take alcohol and drugs and indulge into a sexual relation in an intoxicated state. The intoxication makes them avoid the embarrassment and pain of the sexual activities.Most often than not, teenage girls do not engage themselves in a sexual activity in their own free will. Some are being forced to take drugs by their partner.

Rape is also one of the causes of teenage pregnancy. Psychologically, a girl who has been a rape victim suffers instability in their state of mind. Some of these victims gets pregnant and they resort to abortion because they cannot accept the reality.

Improper guidance of the parents is another thing. Experts says that one cause of teenage pregnancy is minimal supervision of the parents to their kids as they grow up.

Statistics shows that the rate of unwanted pregnancies among women ages 20 to 24 rose by 6 percent from 1994 to 2001, though it declined among teens, according to the National Campaign. Further, 54 percent of unwanted pregnancies occur to women in their twenties, with the largest proportion, 32 percent, among women 20-24.

Of these pregnancies, 78% are unplanned. most likely living with their parents and on their parent’s income, and are not financially ready for a baby. The majority of pregnant teens choose to continue their pregnancies and keep their infants. Adolescent pregnancy is linked with higher rates of illness and death for both the mother and infant. Pregnant teens are more likely to have a serious medical problem, such as pregnancy-induced hypertension, premature delivery, and toxemia. The affects which teen pregnancy has on society is very great. Many pregnant teens feel guilt, shame, and secrecy. Statistics show, that each year almost 1 million teenage women become pregnant. There are many forms of birth control to avoid pregnancy. Another negative consequence is that they don’t get to experience their childhood to the fullest. It is also difficult for single teenage mothers to make a living, because they do not have the education qualifications to have a good paying job, and also have numerous commitments to the baby. Research indicates that one out of four of all women will become pregnant before the age of twenty. And some resort to either one of these two things: abortion or adoption.

Ways of dealing with an unwanted or unintended pregnancy falls into three categories: prevent it, terminate it, or follow through with it. If you choose to carry an unplanned pregnancy to term, you have the additional option of giving the child to another family through the process of adoption. Whatever your situation or your preference for handling it, bear in mind that this is just an overview of all your options. The purpose of this research is to just provide awareness on whatever your preference are.If an option interests you, I encourage you to do further research and talk to a counselor or doctor before a decision is made.


micko said...

i have sister who is now pregnant. she is 17 years old. my advice to the parents who have this kind of situation please instead scolding them we must care them. They need to be understand so that their guilt and shame will be lessen.

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