Prostitution, not a solution

What comes into your mind when you can hear the word "prostitute"?

People has a negative connotation when they can hear the words "prostitutes" or "whore". Women who are working as prostitutes are perceived to be of low level and are bad examples disregarding the norms of acceptable behavior in the society.

Lacking of full economic access to fundamental human needs such as food, clothing and shelter is the very reason why most poor are engaged in prostitution and illegal activities. Prostitution is generally defined as performing, offering, agreeing to perform a sexual act for money, property, token, object,article or anything of value. What we saw on TV-pick up girls at midnight waiting for customers and some are on the prostitution dens doing malicious activities- so sad but it's true. Some are clients of rich and influential individuals of the society.

In some marriages, the use of prostitutes by one spouse is tolerated by the other spouse. The prostitutes provides the function one of the spouse is not willing to provide. Prostitution evolved into a highly visible industrialized business.The industrialization increased the market demand for prostitution because of of an increases standard of living that came with the new prosperity of the business classes.

women are commercialized as "sexed bodies for hire" and business stood to profit from rental of their properties for prostitution and illicit sex increasingly became an attractive form of capital investment.

It is generally thought that prostitutes sell sex for money out of their own free will. More often than not, this is NOT the case. There is usually a pimp (a man who controls the prostitute) who forces her to have sex with men so that the pimp can take the money the men give her. The pimp manages to gain control of the woman by violence, blackmail, threats and other despicable methods.

Statistics shows that most prostitutes are either divorced women or women who left their husbands homes due to being battered or a widow one. And for these they were left to themselves to brought up their kids and they have no choice but to resort to being prostitute which they believe can help them find easy money. But is this the solution?

Prostitution is not the ultimate solution for any women for she and her kids must live without a bread winner. There are a lot of women out there who were at the same time poor and even unemployed but did not resort to prostitution. It has been believed that a women who use their kids as an excuse to prostituting their body are generally lazy. There are many ways for a women who can make money for herself and for the kids as well. It is not an ideal way to make it for a living.

A mother's primary job is to secure their children's future and give them education by teaching them by example so working as prostitute, what can you teach your kid in the first place? Because children look up to their parents, what will their parents do, some dare to follow.

Are you one of these people I am referring to?

In order for your kids to have a better future, be sure to quit this kind of job because definitely it is not an ideal way to make it for a living. Everybody is given a second chance. It is not yet too late.


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