Poverty in the Philippines

Poverty is seen and defined in many ways. But when we speak of the poor, we almost always mean those who suffer from economic impoverishment. This involves of even the basic needs to sustain life. This is the kind of poverty that is the most prevalent in the Philippines. It is also the cause of other forms such as ow self-esteem, powerlessness and discrimination. we know that the poor have a quiet ability to survive. They know how to make do the little that they have in order to get by. However, since they focus only on their survival, it is hard for them to attend to their other needs like heath and education- the things that can help them develop or improve their skills and upift the kind of living that they have.

Filipinos have different opinions as to hat the real problem is.Some blame it tp the government on its faulty economic policies and its corrupt leaders.Others blme it to the poor people themselves. Poor people are not lazy but the real problem is that no matter how hard they they work, they remain stuck in poverty. Why? Because most work at jobs with low wages, sometimes even below the minimum wage, or are unable to look for jobs to begin with because of lack of necessary skills and educational attainment. Even before they apply for a job, thay are already at the osing end because thay do not have suficient background likequality education or access to resources ike available iexpensive transportation that are needed to enable them to compete with many other filipinos seeking empoyment.

Between the industrious poor and the lazy rich, the lazy rich often has a better chance to get ahead in life as ar as opportunity is concerned.

another thing is, the poor arepoor because of the number of children in the family. So, the more mouths the poor family has to feed, the more they wil have to keep all members well-feed, clothed and sheltered.

So, what is our response to the continous problem of poverty our country is facing?


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