where is the so-called "Family"

Family is the basic structure of the society. It is where characters are build and values are formed. It plays the role of nurturing and ensuring its members by teaching them good values in order to become good citizens of the society and to promote both social responsibility and solidarity.

But what about those who do not have a family to be called? Like those who were born only just to see the world without knowing who they really are and where did they come from. It hurts, right? They don't even see their parents....Yes, they were lucky to have seen the world but unfortunately they were born just to be an unwanted child at the end.Look at those street children begging for money in order for them to survive. Some of them were completely abandoned by their family so to speak. They do not a family to be called their own. A family who will guide them instead. And worst they become bad guys and even criminals of the society because they were not guided by their family as they grow up. They are deprived of family care and protection. They even lived in abandoned buildings, automobiles, parks and on the streets as well.

Children making their home/livelihoods on the streets is not a new phenomenon. They may have no choice. They are abandoned, orphaned and thrown out of their homes. They may choose to live on the streets because of mistreatment or neglect them because their family cannot provide their basic needs.

So sad......right?

But how can we help these kids to have a better future?


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