What do you Think?

The youth are over reacting to adults censure; the adults are over imposing their authority. That is the problem. What shall we do?

They seem to be passing the ball of blame to each other. There is the reason of the youth's sentiments; so is there reason in the adult's action towards the young.

If the adult say that the "youth" is the hope of the motherland, it's really true. The youth are the ones with energy, vigor and idealism. They must channel this to something good for their country if they want to put these endowments to good use. They may lose their chances towards greatness.

If the youth would ask what the old had done when they were young, the truth is the old had not really done best. Are the youth are now wiling to repeat the same error?

The old had lost their chances that they can never regain. The chances they had wasted haunt them in their lonely hours that is why they are urging the youth now to act accordingly or their time will pass without them knowing it. They might wake up one morning looking at their wrinkled faces, their sagging arms, legs and body. These signs of the body tell them that they are already old and could not anything do more special and extraordinary. No matter what amount of repentance the old must shed, still everything is useless now when they are already at the twilight of their lives.

So if the youth want to change the present picture of our society, they must be productive now. They must not waste their time on fleeting things. There is no good blaming the old what they were able to do. The young must prove they are a better stock.

Now is their time.


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