something about LOVE..

Last month, I have heard through GMA 7, a news and current affairs program, about a young lady who committed suicide by hanging herself in her bedroom. Why? Because she fell in love and it did not work the way she wanted it to be. That did not really affect me much because I thought she was just one of those crazy, young, immature girls who could not accept that love changes and fades away.

By looking at it closely, I have come to realize that perhaps there wwere more to it than justlosing and not to go on with life.

Our parents say that love kills and destroys. And more often than not, they make it a reason to forbid us from falling in love while still in school. They claim that it only creates more pressures and failures...destroying the hopes and dreams they have for us. Sometimes our closest friends tell us that an intimate relationship with someone can destroy even the strongest friendship that ever existed. Why? Because of rivalry.

But how did these assumptions come about? Is there realy some truth to what our parents and closest friends say about love?

We have, indeed, lost too many important people in our lives because of love or we just thought it was love. But are we really sure that what we have experienced was love? Think again.

True love does not destroy but builds. It may hurt a lot but itwil never come to the point of putting an evil thought in your mind. It's very sadto know that most of us do not understand what love realy means.We ussually think that it is synonymous to security and happiness. Well, in some ways, it is, but it depends on to whom you seek for it.

The trouble with us is we ussualy depend on others about our security and happiness and because of this, we ussually get into a relationship without realy knowing what we are heading. We intend to give so much of ourselves to the point of losing our own identity and sef-confidence. And when we think we have given everything, someone fals out of ove and decides to leave.

Perhaps, we need to experience a different kind of love first. If we want a lasting relationship, then let Him stand in between. It is wrong to think that nobody understandsour need to be loved. He is the only source of lasting joy and peace. A the people we meet everyday, and even those whom we share our intimate secrets with, are temporary and changing. In onen time or another, we will lose al of them.

But if it is eternal peace and happiness that we desire, then surely there can be only one source...the one who dwells above.


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