I Am Because I Am!


I am because I am! I exist and need no justification whatsoever for my existence. The fact of my being is enough. I require no terms, conditions or permits from myself or anyone else. I live and in living I am fully entitled to go on living. My life, my existence, my being is not predicated on standards, values and achievements. I am not because of the books I read, not the course I take up, not the things I like, not the views I adhere to, nor the family I have - I a with or without these.

These things and people are not me! I do not exist because of them. Relative to my life they exist because of me. While they may give me satisfaction, they in no way justify my existence. In my life's frame of reference, I justify theirs. They are a function of me. I am not a function of them.

An open letter from a son to his father


Linda said...

True, true, true. Great reminder.

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